Foam Board Mounting Must-Knows!

From teaching you how to mount photos on foam boards to the do's and don'ts of foam board mounting, it can be said foam board is a versatile, and inexpensive material for displaying images. Here is this week's blog to clear your doubts on it before you embark on your next project: 

What is Foam Board Mounting? 

Foam Board Mounting is a common display technique that involves attaching an image to a board with a foam core and a sticker with either glossy or matte lamination. Not only is it inexpensive and lightweight, it is suitable for outdoors and indoors occasions! Here at Lightning Prints, our foam board prints are printed on high-quality sticker mounted on a light high-density white foam board.  

The Do's and Don'ts of Foam Board Mounting

Do take care of it

Even though our foam board is high density, care should still be taken when handling it. Ensure that the corners are well-protected from accidental bumps. These foam boards can be large in size and should be kept an eye on at all times. 

Do package it if you're travelling with it 

Secure the mounted foam board with corner protectors or use a garbage bag to wrap around it to seal the board up completely. Now you can travel easily! 

Foam Board Mounting vs Framed Pictures

Printing on foam board is a popular option because of its cost. An attractive display for simple photos, it is a good alternative to framed pictures.

Framed pictures, another well-loved option, give a more premium quality feel to your image or design. 

Whether it's lightweight aesthetics foam board or sturdy wooden framed print, both are great to use and it is up to you to decide the kind of look and feel you would want to achieve.

Gloss vs Matte Lamination on Foam Board 

Matte lamination produces an elegant, sophisticated finish whereas gloss lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance. Both matte and gloss are good options but it ultimately depends on your preference and requirements.

Some of the options available in the market also offer without lamination. These options may result in scratches during transportation or fading if exposed to sunlight.

You can check out more on our blog post on lamination!

Are there different types of foam board?

Foam board comes in different colours and thickness. Majority of them are 5mm thick, which is the one Lightning Prints sells. There are also some customers with special request for black foam boards. If you have such requests, please email us at

How to display after mounting your foam board?

1. Double sided Velcro tape

It holds your print securely to the wall with a strong adhesive to the wall and one to the print. This allows you to take pictures or art off the wall for closer inspection. The sticky ends are incredibly strong and do not cause any damage.


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2. Double sided adhesive strips 

Although this is not a permanent solution, it can hold the picture frame to the wall securely. The sticky ends are incredibly strong and do not cause any damage.


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We hope you have learnt a thing or two from this Foam Board Must-Knows blog post today! 

At Lightning Prints, we provide printing services for foam boards of any size, shape and designs. 

Head over to our Foam Board Prints page to place your orders today! Alternatively, you can check out our Foam Board Guide on foam board printing

And till the next blog, cheers!