Top 5 Places for Banner Standees

Roll-up Banners (also known as banner standees) may be a common sight in Singapore, enticing you to patronise a booth or a store. But have you ever wondered the variations of banner standee Lightning Prints has to offer? From pull up banner, to X-stand banner to double sided pull up banner, we have a variety of banner standees to fulfil your needs. 

We understand there are many ways to use banner standees to improve your marketing, but today let us delve into the 5 places we think it's efficient for them to stand at! 

1)Banner Standees for Shop Entrance  

Shop entrances are the most common and popular places to act as an advertising space. It is likely to be the first interaction your customer has with the store. Our pull up banner will do the job nicely to increase footfall and visibility. 

Treble3 Banner Stands - Treble3 : exhibitions : print : embroidery :  websites : design

2)Banner Standees for Restaurant Entrance 

The large graphic area of a pull up banner filled with images of your menu is bound to attract more customers. Encourage them to walk in your restaurant when you show them what you can offer! 

Restaurant Roll Up Banner Signage Standee Template AI | AI Free Download -  Pikbest

3)Banner Standees for Events 

One of the most popular display products at any events! With hundreds of people moving through, stand a portable banner in the hallway and capture the everyone's attention as they pass by. 

4)Banner Standees for Gym 

The perfect banner standee will be able to showcase the attractive membership plans, classes and sessions to your existing and new potential customers. Apart from details, you can also opt for inspirational quotes and images to make things better! 

5)Banner Standees for Tradeshows

Our banner standee can be used to welcome customers promote offers or even provide directions to your visitor. Quick and easy to erect, lightweight and portable enough for them to manage alone.


Main Benefits of Banner Stands - Why You Should Use Them


Still looking for ways to design your banner standees? Our guide to 4 Tips To Consider When Designing Rolls Up Banner might be of some use to you as well! That's it for today's blog and we hope you learnt a thing or two.