Double Sided Pull Up Banner | Roll Up Banner with design services
Double Sided Pull Up Banner | Roll Up Banner with design services
Double Sided Pull Up Banner | Roll Up Banner with design services

Double Sided Pull Up Banner | Roll Up Banner with design services

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Double Sided Pull Up & Roll Up Banner with quality printing

Portable pull up banner stand, made easy!

Arrange a quick 5 minute chat with Sam here to get a quote for customization requests.

Just set the banner you wish to display on the retractable stand. Pull up and latch the top onto the support bar whenever and wherever you need to display your banner. Collapsing the pull up banner is straightforward as well. Simply roll down the pull up banner and store in the carry bag for easy transport. It's that convenient!

Pull up banners are mainly used for display and advertising purposes. It can be used for your store, or for an exhibit and it is extremely effective for drawing customers into your store.

One of the commonly printed pull up banner size is 85cm x  200cm, suitable for most company and school events. Perfect for placing beside your booth or by the door. Our customers save money by buying from us, because you don't have to buy a new pull up banner when you want to change your design. We can replace the design for you and reuse the banner system.

 Size  Price
 85cm x 200cm  $150


Do not have your own pull up banner design/ artwork? We can design it for you! 

  • Provide us with some guidelines   
  • Email us at if you have any enquiries
  • Call us at 8874 2567 for urgent prints

Time required

  • 2 days 

Pull Up Banner Size

  • 85 x 200 cm 

Check out how easy it is to set it up! 


  • File: PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, AI Format
  • Colour Mode: CMYK
  • DPI: 300
  • Text must be outlined
  • Images must be embedded

Paper : Poster paper with gloss or matte lamination
Ink : Latex
Base : Aluminum with carry bag and with padding to protect the pull up banner during transit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-use my existing pull up banner?
Yes of course. The pull up banner stand consists of the banner system and the artwork. When your promotion ends or when you have a new product launch, you don't always have to buy a new one. Re-using your pull up banner system is an affordable way to create more display solutions for your retail front or your showroom. The cost of replacing is significantly lesser than buying a brand new one. It needs to be a good functioning condition, because the spring system needs to be functioning well for us to be able to replace the artwork for you. Not to worry if your pull up banner has been purchased from another supplier, we can always work with you to replace your model.

Which industry uses the pull up banner?

Not just retail! Our banner display are frequently used for promotions, advertisement, product launches and apart from retail shop in malls, industries we have served include schools, hospitals, charities, logistics, hospitality, cosmetics, online business, f&b. The pull up banner is very effective in catching the attention of potential customers and hence remain a good display medium for many.

What if I don't have the design?

Design charges are levied separately. But not to worry, we will guide you through the process and quote you based on your requirements. You can give us a creative brief or an idea of what you like. 

What pull up banner sizes do you have?

The most popular size is 85 x 200cm. It's a good size for retail shopfronts and events. It's big enough to be noticed and does not take up too much space.