Pull-Up Banners - Sizes & Double-Sided Banners

Hello and welcome back to another Lightning Prints blog post! It has been quite some time since we last blogged but today, we’ll be discussing Pull-Up Banners. 

A common question we get is what size Pull-Up Banner should I get for my business/ company. An important factor to consider would be where you’ll be displaying your Pull-Up Banner. Currently at Lightning Prints, we are offering 2 standard sizes for our Pull-Up Banners. 85cm x 200cm at $80 & 62cm x 170cm at $75.

So, if you’re displaying it in your storefront where space is not an issue, you can go for the bigger banner. But if you’re displaying it as a promotion for your food stall in a hawker centre where space is an issue, 62cm x 170cm banner might be more appropriate. You should also take in account how much store frontage this banner will cover. 

Pro tip - the height of the Pull-Up Banner is adjustable. So, you can design it according to specific heights so that you can display the banner at different lengths for different ocassions. 

If you're worried about losing out on the design space, don't worry. We also offer double-sided Pull-Up Banners! This means that you can have 1 Pull-Up Banner printed for 2 occasions/ promotions.

Credit: Pinterest

A double sided 85cm x 200cm Pull-Up Banner would cost you $190 whereas the 62cm x 170cm one would be $180. Although, these prices are more than double of the single-sided Pull-Up Banner, printing a double-sided one, has its perks. 

A double-sided Pull-Up Banner, saves you space and looks neat. Especially if there is heavy footfall from both directions, the double-sided can help in capturing more eyeballs on your design. 

Other Pull-Up Banner sizes that you might commonly find would include 100cm x 220cm & 170cm x 220cm. If you require a specific size outside the 2 standard ones we offer, get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can best assist you. 

The lead time for printing a Pull-Up Banner would be 3 days. If you require your prints urgently or have any other queries, please drop us an email at prints.lightningprints@gmail.com or call us at 6547 1733. If have a design ready, head over to our Pull-Up Banner page to place your orders now.

And, that wraps up today’s blog. We’ll be back for more real soon. In the meantime, check out our previous blog posts where we share some tips on how to design a Pull-Up Banner - Designing Pull-Up Banners/ Posters - Fonts & Designing Pull-Up Banners/ Posters - Graphics & Visuals.