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Label Stickers
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Label Stickers

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Introducing our premium Label Stickers – the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs! These high-quality adhesive labels are designed to enhance the presentation of your products and ensure they stand out on the shelves.

Our Label Stickers are not just stickers; they are a branding powerhouse. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need to add vital product information, showcase your logo, or create a striking design, our label stickers are up to the task.

What sets our Label Stickers apart:

  1. Superior Adhesion: These stickers are equipped with a strong adhesive that ensures they stay firmly in place, even in demanding conditions.

  2. Customizable: Tailor-made to reflect your brand's identity, you can choose from a range of materials, colors, and printing options to achieve the perfect look.

  3. Durable: Built to last, our Label Stickers are resistant to moisture, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear, guaranteeing your product's label remains pristine.

  4. Easy Application: Applying our Label Stickers is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly backing that peels off effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

  5. Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of products, from food items and cosmetics to electronics and gifts, our label stickers are the versatile choice for any industry.

Elevate your packaging game with our Label Stickers – the epitome of professionalism, durability, and style. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, these stickers will leave a lasting impression on your customers and boost your brand's visibility. Get ready to make your products shine with our Label Stickers!

Arrange a quick 5 minute chat with Sam here to get a quote for customization requests.

 Ordering Process:

  • Email us at or call us at 65471733, providing us with your requirements


    • File: PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, AI Format
    • Colour Mode: CMYK
    • DPI: 300
    • Text must be outlined
    • Images must be embedded

    Lead Time

    • 3-4 working days 
    • If you wish to expedite your order, do contact us at or call us at 65471733