Foam Board Prints
foam board prints
Foam Board Prints
Foam Board Prints
Foam Board Prints
Foam Board Prints
Foam Board Prints
Foam Board Prints

Foam Board Prints

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Lightning Prints' Foam Board Printing comes in a variety of sizes. Our standard sizes range from A4 up to A0. If you require a die-cut or a custom-sized print, do get in touch with us via email. All our Foam Board Prints are printed on a 5mm thick foam board and comes with a matte or glossy laminate. 

Get an instant quote via this link or arrange a quick 5 minute chat with Sam here to get a quote for customization requests.


Size Cost
A0  841mm X 1189mm $42
A1 594mm X 841mm $24
A2 420mm X 594mm $15
A3 297mm X 420mm $10
A4 210mm X 297mm $8


Foam boards are very versatile display products. You can hang them off a wall, to decorate your shop house or retail front. It's a popular display item at exhibitions, retail malls and event booths where it is often displayed on an easel stand, clip pole stand or even using velcro tapes to affix it to a wall. We do offer the option of add frame capping. The frame capping makes the foam board look sleek and prevents the sides from being damaged.   


One of the more popular requests we get is for an instagram foam board frame, which the cutout resembles an instagram post. This is often used for social media marketing. We have the designs available and it's a hassel-free process for you.

Time Required 

  • 3 working days
  • If you need to expedite your order, contact us at 8874 2567

Ordering Process

  • Order at our physical shop or online through this website 


  • File: PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, AI Format
  • Colour Mode: CMYK
  • DPI: 300
  • Text must be outlined
  • Images must be embedded


Some Frequently Asked Questions our customers ask us

  1. Is printing of both sides allowed?

    Yes, we can print on both sides. You will need to email us. 
  1. Am I able to write on the foam board?

    Yes. Do use a permanent marker when writing.
  1. Do you offer foam board printing in custom shapes?

    Yes, we do. Drop us a call or email to find out more
  1. Can the foam board prints be used outside?

    They can be used outside. They can be used outside. Our foam board prints are waterproof and tearproof. 
  1. Can foam boards be affixed to walls?

    Yes, you can. You can hang them off a wall or even stick it onto a wall.
  1. Can you print wider than 1.2m for foam boards?

    Yes, we can panel your foam boards together to form an extended width for your display wall.
  1. What is the weight of your foam boards?

    A4 = 50g, A3 = 105g, A2 = 210g, A1 = 420g, A0 = 840g
  1. Can I print photos on foam boards?

    Yes definitely, we have worked with photographers to print photos on foam board. Not all printers can do this. We can because our printer uses 10 inks,better than even some photo printers and we can represent skin colours very well