Your Ultimate Guide To Applying Transfer Tape


Applying your decal might seem difficult, but it’s actually less difficult than it seems to be, we promise. To help you out, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the transfer tape application process. For context, transfer tapes are films placed on the top of decals to hold its individual components in place during the transfer process, which makes decal applications far easier. We will apply the transfer tapes on your behalf, should you opt to install the decals yourself.

Step 1: Remove The Backing

Peel the backing from the transfer tape. Don’t worry, the transfer tape will hold the individual components of your decal in place as you position it on your desired surface.

Step 2: Paste Your Decal

Position the decal on your desired surface. Take measurements and use a water leveler to ensure the positioning of the decal is parallel to the ground. When the decal is positioned correctly, press down on the transfer tape to adhere it to the surface. Subsequently, use a credit card or anything of that sort to apply pressure to the entire design to ensure it's completely adhered to the surface. Finally, at a 180-degree angle, slowly peel the transfer tape away. The sticker should be adhered to the surface.


 Transfer Tape Application Video Tutorial


Now that you know how to apply your transfer tape, it’s high time to go forth and apply all the decals your heart desires!