Your Guide To COVID-19 Signage for Phase 3

We understand that as business owners, the current pandemic of COVID-19 is a scary time. With Singapore moving into phase 3 of re-opening, F&B businesses and retailers have to adopt new practices to accommodate more customers while keeping everyone safe. Especially for those who don’t have a social media presence or those who don’t check your page frequently, how are you supposed to reach out to your customers and update them on changes to your business?

To help, we’ve have compiled a selection of the most up-to-date COVID-19 signage in a variety of forms for a variety of needs. Creating signs are only part of the process. You also need to position these signs in the right locations to maximise their effect.

Group Size Limit Signage

With effect from 28 December 2020,  group size limit from the current 5 persons will be increased to 8 persons for dining and social gatherings. If you are running an F&B establishment, you may indicate this by placing custom, table top stickers which inform them that now 8 people are allowed in each group.

Posters at entrances can also serve to tell people about the new group limit to encourage larger group reservations.

With this new change, tables and seats must be rearranged to fit 8 persons instead of the previous 5. Congregations of more than 8 persons need to be dispersed by splitting the group into separate tables and ensuring a distance of at least one metre.

For restaurants with fixed seating, seats must be marked out if not used. Our large-format stickers are perfect for marking out seats and keeping unrelated diners at a safe distance. You can opt for removable stickers where you can switch out sticker as needed without leaving the sticker adhesive behind.


Social Distancing Seat Stickers Table Coronavirus Safety Stickers


Capacity Limit Signage

From phase 3 onwards, capacity limits will be increased from 10mto 8m2 per person in malls and standalone stores. To be able to accommodate more customers is great news but you still need to keep track of the number of people inside at any given time and let people know whether you are at maximum capacity. A great option for keeping people updated is a printed foam board poster that says you are at capacity. This will manage their expectations and give them an idea of how long to wait. You only need to set this out when you have reached capacity limits. This is good for eliminating unnecessary signage at your entrance when you are not at capacity since there are many signs you may need to place in this area.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Signs

Delivery Services Signage

Many consumers have turned to delivery and pickup services as a safe alternative to shopping in stores or dining in restaurants. If your business offers these options for your customers, make sure you advertise these services. For delivery services, install a large-format sticker on your glass window or pull-up banner outside your storefront telling people you deliver and the website or number to call to order. You can put up foam board signs next to your food or retail collection point to direct your customers to collect their items there.

Inside DoorDash's Silicon Valley ghost kitchen - Business Insider

For pickups, you may want to mark parking spots as a place to wait for your order. It can improve the flow of traffic and clarify things for your customers for a straightforward transaction. Place your foam boards and standing banners at the front of each space or on the curb for maximum visibility.


Social Distancing Signage

With new arrangements made to your store layout to adapt to the following changes, there is a need to set up a new queue management system with clear signage indicating where to queue and other changes to standard shopping procedures. Our large format stickers are the perfect way to help your customers navigate your shop as can use them as floor decals to indicate the queue line.

Please queue here with symbol distancing floor graphic | Mileta Signs

If you’re changing the traffic flow in your store or restaurant to help with social distancing, such as making store aisles one-way or reminding customers to keep a 1 metre distance, you can use directional floor decals to help make this clear. You can also use foam boards or posters at eye level or overhead throughout your facility with messages like, “Thank You for Practicing Social Distancing.” These signs can serve as helpful reminders to people that they should practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

 COVID-19 - One Way Floor Stickers x 5 – Kudos Companies


You are not alone during this difficult time. We are here to support you and your business in any way that we can.  We’re here to help you create custom signage that instructs and informs, as well as enhances your branding and looks great, wherever you place it. Contact us at Lightning Prints today to get your COVID-19 signage for your needs covered. Call us at: 98267596 or email us at: or fill up this contact form here!

Til next time, cheers!