World of Printing Services

Printing services are in demand these days for your business printing and advertising needs. Take a deeper dive into the world of printing services with this Lightning Prints blog post!

Large Format Prints

Large format prints are often seen in the form of banners and large sticker prints, such as those you might see on cars. As they are highly visible and contain large amounts of information, large format prints are ideal for getting your message across to wide audiences.

Lightning Prints offers a variety of large format options, all of which are exceptionally durable and fully customisable! These options come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. You can reach us at for a quote or to print your custom design!

Digital Printing and Offset Printing

Both digital and offset printing are ways to mass-print photos and documents such as flyers and many mass-distributed materials. However, the main difference between both, and what makes offset printing more attractive for higher volume printing, is the set-up. Both types of systems use computers to process an image before sending it for print. However, digital printing systems directly ink the design onto the medium. On the other hand, offset printing first transfers the different layers of detail to rollers, before transferring them to the print medium. In other words, offset printing prepares a “template” which is directly transferred to the print medium, making it a much more efficient process for bulk printing.

Display Printing

Display prints are often used to refer to exhibition booth prints. These are high-quality, versatile laminated prints which are made to be aesthetically appealing and attract attention to your brand.

Most often, display prints are seen in the forms of laminated foam boards and pull-up banners. These are printed on durable materials which are water-resistant and anti-tear, meaning that your prints will not be damaged accidentally.

Photo Printing

Photo printing is increasingly popular. With a large variety of printing options, such as paper or canvas, as well as the possibility of framing, photo printing is an excellent way to preserve your memories in a unique manner.

Photo prints use a dedicated photo paper with either matte or glossy finishes, which provides a special texture for your photo and viewing experience for your photo. For photo canvas, the fabric texture of the canvas breathes life into the image.

Photo prints are often used as part of decorations for one’s home. Why not get your favourite photo printed today?

Why Choose Us?

Lightning Prints provides commercial printing services at an affordable cost. Contact us at to get a quote for your needs.

We also provide design services and support for you! Simply drop us an email and our expert designers will be able to assist you with your custom designs.

Our lead times are also among the shortest available, with regular delivery being 2-4 working days for most commercial prints. If need be, prints can be expedited, subject to additional charges.