4 Trends You Should Follow For Poster Prints 2022

Print trends across magazines, brochures, packaging, and posters were dominated by bright colors, playful shapes, and novel print finishes in 2021—in an attempt to boost optimism and consumer trust after an uncertain period (Envanto, 2022). 

The mood continues in 2022, but there were also changes in trends. In today's Lightning Prints blog, we will cover the 4 trends you should follow for poster prints in 2022. From colourful minimalism to rich tonal colours, kickstart your poster printing journey with us. 


1) Colourful Minimalism 

Simple and straightforward, minimalism rarely loses its appeal to its audiences. As a timeless style, it delivers your message effortlessly and impactfully. 



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2) Rich Tonal Colours

With the shifts in ultra-bright neons and pastels to rich, tonal colours, poster prints are now moving towards comfort in general. Tonal colors, which work together subtly to create a seamless and effortless palette, will definitely give simple designs more impact. 


print trends 2022: lonest portfolio publication design



3) Collage

As the need for visual representation rises, collages bring the information you want to convey to life. Bringing more energy and movement to your poster prints, it is one to important trend to take note of. 


Wedding Expo Collage Event Poster Template



4) Gradients

Gradients sum up the poster print design trend of bringing freshness to the design scene. Bringing texture and gentle color to poster prints, it will transform your work into an ethereal piece. 


Singapore Skyline City Gradient Vector Poster Stock Illustration - Download  Image Now - iStock 



Stay ahead of the curve and start putting these elegant trends into action. Here at Lightning Prints, we print posters of different sizes suitable for wedding events, home decor and wall art etc. 

Start printing with us today!