The Ultimate Guide to Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are a convenient, hassle-free and cost efficient way to promote your product, or brand at meetings and events. As a result, they are the most popular and common form of display advertising.

Also known as roll up banners, pull up displays, pop-up banners, pull up standee and pull out banner, and they are versatile marketing tools.

In today's Lightning Print's blog, we will be sharing with you the ultimate guide to pull up banners.

What are Pull up Banners? 

Pull up banners in Singapore are one of the most iconic exhibition stand displays to use and they are very easy assemble. The printed graphic simply retracts from the aluminium base and is secured into place with an upright pole.

There are no manpower required, which means you can stand your roller banner display within a matter of seconds.

Material for Pull up Banners? 

Our pull up banners are waterproof and tearproof. We use Yupo Paper laminated with a Ultra-violet (UV) protected lamination layer that protects the banner from scratches when you install or retract the banner.

Word of caution, some pull up banner providers don't provide lamination. That could potentially cause scratches, typically visible on darker and more solid background colours. At Lightning Prints, we laminate so you can have a peace of mind when handling your banner. No need to worry about scratching your banner when you set it up or keep it.

Sizes for Pull up Banners? 

Pull up banners come in a variety of sizes, but the most common ones are 85 x 200cm and 62 x 170cm. Take note that the ratio of the design artwork is different, so the design for each size is not interchangeable. Our other sizes include 100 x 200cm and 120 x 200cm. These sizes are typically reserved for those who want their pull up banner to take up more visual space.

How should I install my Pull up Banner? 

Pull up banners take just a matter of minutes to assemble. 

Unzip the carry bag and take out each element of the pull up banner. 

If your banner has feet, either secure them on or twist them out.

Slot the upright pole together and push it into the hole that is in the base.

Pull the graphic up from the base and slide it onto the top of upright pole until it secures into place. 

Where to use Pull up Banner? 

Used in many events and meetings, here are some places you can consider: 

1) Office 

2) Clinics and Hospital 

3) Waiting rooms

4) Receptions and lobbies

5) Banks 

6) Exhibitions and trade shows

Maintenance and Storage of Pull up Banner

Thinking of how to maintain and store a pull up banner? We have some tips for you as well:

1) Always roll your banner up with the printed surface facing out when storing it. Never fold your banners up.

2) Use a mild soap with just lukewarm water and a cotton cloth to clean your banner if you have to. Paper towels can scratch the banner – so never use cleaning tools such as brush, steam cleaner, power on your banner.  Our banners are waterproof so you don't have to worry.


Design of Pull up Banner

If you are planning to design your pull up banner, take note of the edges and leave out important content such as text, company logos, photos from those areas. Pull up banners are all portraits and you need to think of layering your content and images from top to bottom.

Segment your pull up banner into several segments so you can organize the information into bite-sized readable chunks. Get creative with the background and use graphic elements to segment the banner. 

If you don't have much content, you can complement the amount of text your have with a nice background or a nice photo of your product.