The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Signage in Singapore

Want your office to stand out from competitors? Opt for Lightning Print’s eye-catching Acrylic Signage today!

Are you looking to make an impression on clients? Want to revamp your office with a sleek and modern new look? Search no further than Acrylic Signage, brought to you by Lightning Prints! In today’s article, we will understand more about acrylic signage and cover all that you will need to know about them.

What is Acrylic Signage?

In short, acrylic signage is a 3-dimensional wall-mounted sign for your company or office. Made of lightweight yet shatter-proof material, the signage is high-quality and durable with a professional finish. The wall mounting is also sturdy, using at least 4 strong chrome spacers to keep the modern and elegant signage in place.

Our Acrylic Signage is also highly customisable, allowing you to showcase any colour. We provide white, frosted, and transparent base stickers for our signages, so we are able to accommodate any colour and design for the signage.

What signages are available?

We offer 2 types of signages: standard Acrylic Signage and 3D Acrylic Letters.

Standard Acrylic Signage is a sign which can bear your company’s name, logo, and much more! These are often seen outside offices as a form of branding identification.

3D Acrylic Letters give a pop of style and are often seen as an attractive design to your office interior. With its varying thickness, you can customise the size of the 3D letters to lend a different effect and atmosphere to your office!

3d acrylic lettering

Acrylic signage sizes

In fact, our acrylic signage comes in a variety of size options, from A1 to A4 size. With this variety of options, you can choose the sign that best fits your company, which will let your brand stand out more!


Frame Size


594mm x 841mm


420mm x 594mm


297mm x 420mm


210mm x 297mm


Acrylic Signage Services

Here at Lightning Prints, we offer more than just creating new acrylic signages. We have a wide range of services, such as: replacement of existing signages, customisation, and the option for transparent or white sticker reverse print.

For the replacement of existing signages, you can bring the existing signage down to our office for us to measure. We will get the exact dimensions to allow you to replace the signage perfectly.

For customisation, we can print any and all designs, with any colour or even shape of acrylic!

As for transparent or white sticker print, transparent sticker print will result in a more translucent effect for the text. Meanwhile, white sticker reverse print means that your text will appear more solid against any background. Many of our clients opt for white sticker reverse print for this reason.

Thickness of signages

For our Standard Acrylic Signages, there are 2 most common thicknesses: 3mm and 5mm. The 3mm thickness is sleek and modern; however most clients opt for 5mm. The 5mm signage gives depth to the design, giving an air of professionalism and giving more impact to the customer. However, both thicknesses are just as durable. Of course, if there are any requests for custom signage thickness, you can contact us via email at

For the 3D Letters, custom thickness is available for you to decide. The thicker the lettering, the stronger an impression it provides, and the sign will be more impactful.


We provide installation services for both standard signage and 3D lettering. However, for standard Acrylic signages, do prepare 4-6 screws (dependent on size of acrylic and requirements) for installation of metal spacers.

For the 3D Letters, rest assured that we will ensure that they are mounted with the utmost precision. We use laser-cut guides specifically for your requested layout, making sure that the alignment is perfect for you.

acrylic signage installation

Design requirements

We accept any and all appropriate designs, in PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, and Adobe Illustrator format. To ensure the printing is to the highest standard, outline any text and embed the images in your artwork.

For 3D Letters, we advise to avoid overly cluttered or cursive fonts, as these might be too thin to be handled and may break off. 

In addition, Lightning Prints offers design services for you. Our talented designers are here to design the best signages for you, and you can contact us through our email,

Lead time

All orders have a 5-day lead time for processing of acrylic signages upon order confirmation. For 3D letterings, the lead time is dependent on design. If you have an urgent order request, do reach us via to expedite your order, subject to an additional cost.

Uses for Acrylic Signs

Our acrylic products have many versatile uses. 

1. Office signage 

transparent acrylic signage

Looking around, many offices nowadays use acrylic signage. A sleek and modern alternative to traditional signboards, the bright and eye-catching nature of acrylic signages make them a great choice to grab the attention of customers.

2. Interior Design for Company Office: 3D Letters 

3d acrylic lettering

Want to spice up your office interior? 3D Acrylic Letters are the way to go. These letters will make your office pop, with their unique design giving depth to your office. The professionalism of the sign will also leave a deep impression on your clients.

3. Wedding Signages

While it is a new concept, more and more couples are opting for acrylic wedding signages! These creative and sustainable choices are increasingly popular due to their versatility and durability. Choose Lightning Print’s Acrylic Signages for your wedding today!

wedding acrylic signage