Sprucing up your office with Foam Board Prints

Just moved into a new office space and looking to spruce up the decor?

This post will cover using foam board prints for decoration.

You should already have existing artwork, images, text, marketing collaterals at this point in time if you are looking to print and put them the foam boards. If not, the design team can take note of the following considerations:

1. 5mm Safe zone (to keep all info within safe zone from edge of print)
2. 3mm Bleeding (to extend background 3mm beyond the size you are looking to print)

Once you have the artwork, the easiest way is to send us what you have and the size you want to print. We will check if the existing artwork is in the correct dimensions and also check the clarity/ resolution of the artwork. If the ratio is not correct, we will recommend the next best size for you and you can decide if any adjustments should be made.

In terms of protection, our customers will opt for the frame capping for the foam boards to protect the edges. Foam board edge can crease quite easily. The foam board capping comes in black or white, you may select them based on your preference.

If you need help with ensuring the foam board prints are not slanted and are aligned, you can opt for our professional installation services. 

There you go, decorating your office should be a fuss free and hassle free process!