Pull-up & Roll-up Banner Guide

Looking to find out more about pull-up banners? In this short guide, we share with you a few pointers on:

Pull-up banner

  • Artwork
    • Resolution
    • Bleeding Area for Print
    • Need some help for artwork designing?
  • Quality

Pull-up Banner Size

One of the more common and standard pull-up & roll-up banner sizes is 85cm wide by 200cm high. This size banner is ideal for various occasions as it is small enough to be easily transported from one point to another yet it is big enough to attract attention both indoors and outdoors. Our pull-up banners come with a small bag and can be easily kept, stored and transported.

It is portable and lightweight suitable for bringing it around for various pop-up events.


For you to achieve the best result for your pull-up banner, the artwork uploaded should be at least 300 DPI. Anything less than that might compromise the quality of the banner.

Bleed Area for Print

Before you submit your artwork for printing, you would need to check that you have left an allowance of 30mm at the top and 70mm at the bottom. For more information, you can check out our previous blog post on Bleed/ Safe Area for Printing.

Need some help for artwork designing?

Need some extra help designing your pull-up banner? We have in-house graphic designers who can help you design your banners. Simply give us a brief idea on what you wish to have on your banner, colour, key headers/titles etc.

Email us at ask.lightningprints@gmail.com if you have any enquiries on artwork designing.


At Lightning Prints, we offer high quality prints. With industry grade printers, we are able to produce Pull-up Banners that are scratch resistant. So don’t worry about scratching your print while setting the banner up!

With an aluminium base, it is sturdy yet lightweight. Store it in the right condition and it will last you several years. 

Head over to our Pull Up Banner product page to for more information on the sizes and prices of our banners.