Large Format Sticker Printing Ideas

Welcome back to another Lightning Prints blog! If you haven’t heard, we’ve launched our Large Format Stickers. So today, we’re here to give you ideas on what to print for your store/ office. 

Whether it is to redecorate your old office or to spice up your new place, stickers might just be what you’re looking for. Our Large Format Stickers are versatile. You can stick them on multiple surfaces such as walls, doors, windows and even the floor. 

Glass Surfaces

Let’s start with the most common placement of stickers - glass windows/ doors. Very often, we see storefronts with stickers on them. They usually give a sneak peak of what the brand/ company offers stating their services or a list of their products. Other information might include opening hours as well as social media pages.

If you’re working in an office, you can also consider pasting stickers on the glass surfaces. For example, a common use of stickers we see in offices would be the name and designation of the room’s occupant. Instead of the standard black/ white words, you can consider jazzing it up with the use of fancier fonts or adding patterns to the mix.

As for shared rooms in the office such as meeting/ conference rooms, you can choose to stick on symbols that denote the purpose of the room. You’ll even be surprised how much difference a simple coloured-border sticker makes!

If your office room doors aren’t made of glass; say wood, you can still paste on those stickers. Just be mindful of the colours you use as they might blend in with the colour of your door.


Image Credit: Pinterest

Another common surface you usually find stickers pasted on are walls. If you have a big empty wall in your office and are not keen on filling it up with photos, consider stickers. You can print just about anything on stickers, quotes, lines, designs and many more. Usually for walls, you find offices printing on motivational quotes. If those are just too cliche, you can paste on your brand’s values instead. 


Image Credit: Etsy

If you’re thinking of doing something more unique, you can create a wall that’s dedicated to your colleagues & staff. One way is to get them to share their favourite quotes and have those printed on stickers and pasting them up. 


Image Credit: Pinterest

Though not as common as seeing them on glass windows and walls, floors can also be a great surface to paste stickers on. Especially if your floors aren’t tiled, stickers are a fun way to add colours to the office.

Image Credit: Etsy

If your office/ store has staircases within the premises, you can also consider pasting stickers on each stair.

Of course floor stickers would only work if your office floors aren’t carpeted. If they are, just stick to the walls, doors and windows!

And that wraps up today’s stickers blog. Don’t let the office setting limit you. Get creative when it comes to decorating your office/ storefront. You’ll be surprised at how much difference the addition of stickers to your workplace can make.

If you already have an idea on what to print and the size you want it in, head over to our site Large Format Stickers page to place your orders now! We’ll definitely be back with more blogs soon. In the meantime, give our previous posts Designing Pull-Up Banners/ Posters & Ideal Printing Resolutions a read!

Till the next one, cheers!