Guide to Printing Large Format Stickers

It is a big world out there and competition is fierce, so how do you go about creating a super-strong visual impact and really get your business noticed in the process? What you need is an impressive advertising display, and one way to do that is through large format stickers! 

In today's Lightning Prints blog, we will be sharing about our large format stickers and how they can be utilised for branding and promotional objectives. From vinyl stickers to inspirational words or wall art decor, it is an easy way to make a big splash. 

What are large format stickers?

They are huge or life-sized stickers that are printed on a solid sheet of adhesive backed vinyl.  From there, they can be cut into whatever shape or size you desire. Our stickers are designed to adhere to any flat, hard surfaces such as: windows, walls, cars, tiled surfaces and acrylic surfaces etc. They are one of the most versatile, cost effective and impactful way of advertising or conveying information on a large surface.

Applications of large format stickers

By far the best thing about large format stickers is that they have a ton of different uses and applications. Whether you’ve got a huge business or just a  pop shop, large format stickers can be a wonderful way to give your business a fresh look or a leg up on the competition. Here are just a few of the ways you can advertise with our large format stickers:

Cut-out Vinyl Stickers for Storefronts and Windows

Whether you own a restaurant chain or a small boutique, your storefront is arguably one of the most important places of your business; it’s where you greet customers and have the chance to show them what you’re all about. A cut-out vinyl or lettering, is an easy, affordable way to decorate your property. You can design something eye-catching and unique or use simple lettering for a more classic look. The best thing about using large format stickers is that they come in virtually any design or lettering style you want. Additionally, having the option of reversed lettering to stick on the inside of your storefront window makes your sign less susceptible to wear and tear.

Frosted Stickers for Office Privacy

Frosted stickers create a sleek, tinted look on your window, and adds a touch of elegance to your business. Fuss-free, durable and highly customisable, frosted stickers help to add a layer of privacy protection. The frosted film also keep out a certain degree of heat and light from the outside, making it suitable in dimming down a space. Ideal for offices or meeting rooms where privacy is necessary. There are 2 methods to process frosted stickers:
  • Direct application of entire sheets of vinyl, so entire rooms are blocked out. 
  • Logos, shapes and texts that are cut-out onto the sheets conveys messages or creates patterns.

Wall Mural Stickers for Office and Retail Space

Wall Murals Stickers are great for dressing up any business space. This simple upgrade can help dramatically transform the look and feel of your business. It also serves as a nifty solution for renters, these wall stickers let store owners spruce their shops without the limitation of choosing permanent paint. Furthermore, they add flexibility to decorating as you can switch up your message or signs as frequently as you need to. Our wall-friendly adhesive lets you stick the decal securely and have the freedom to change it when you need to. 

Floor Graphic Stickers for Directions or Safety Advisory

Floor Graphic stickers are great for directing foot traffic and guiding people to the safest routes when navigating a facility. Ideal for offices, airports, supermarkets, retail stores and other facilities to provide important safety information about workplace safety protocols and measures.

For example, you can place them six feet apart as an effective visual reminder of the proper safety distance to maintain in your workplace. Our floor safety signs are created to withstand constant foot traffic, no matter the climate or surroundings.

How to install our wall stickers?

We use transfer stickers which consist of 3 layers of material. The bottom layer is the paper backing of the sticker, on top of that is a vinyl sticker and on top of the sticker is a transfer tape that holds the individual components of your sticker design in place once you remove it from the paper backing.


1. Clean the area when the sticker will be applied.

2. Remove sticker from the vinyl backing by peeling away the transfer tape. The tape will hold the individual pieces of your sticker design in place while you position it on your desired surface.

3. Once your sticker is positioned correctly you can press the transfer tape onto a surface to adhere it. 

4. Next, use a card or squeegee to apply pressure to the entire design to make sure it's fully adhered and get rid of any unwanted air bubbles.

5. Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape away at a 180 degree angle to leave the sticker adhered.


If your design is especially delicate, let it sit for 24 hours before removing the transfer tape. This gives your sticker time to adhere more strongly to the surface and makes it easier to remove the tape while leaving the design intact.

Why use our large format stickers?

There are a variety of reasons why you should opt for large format stickers:

  • It is cost effective and budget-friendly.

  • It is long lasting, water-proof and tear-proof.

  • Looks professional and neat.

  • It is durable, scratch-resistant and hard wearing - good for floor graphics.

  • UV resistant; reduced discoloration and shrinking when exposed to strong light.

  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Quick and easy to apply – you can do it yourself, depending on the size and the surface.

  • Non-permanent (removable adhesive) so easy to change whenever you want or need to and it leaves no residue.

Whether you are looking to jazz up your office, brand your business vehicles, or create an amazing store front for your retail shop, you should be considering large format stickers At Lightning Prints, we provide a professional and budget-friendly large format stickers printing service with a quick turnaround time. Print large format stickers of any size, shape and patterns, there is no limit to your imagination!