Glass door stickers

One of the services that we provide at Lightning Prints is glass door stickers.

These stickers can come in many forms and you as a customer have a lot of choices, such as normal glass stickers, die cut glass stickers, frosted glass stickers, vinyl cutout glass stickers. The key is to find out the one that works the best for your needs.

Typically for our customers, stickers serving as privacy screen is one of the main requirements. For that, we recommend frosted stickers. There are many stickers in the market, so we will recommend the best "frosted-ness" according to your glass. To finish it off with your company branding, you can either go for vinyl cutout or die cut stickers. 

One of the questions customers ask is if the stickers should be pasted on the outside of the door or the inside of the door. There are pros and cons - you get a better vividness if your sticker is pasted on the outside, versus seeing through a reflective glass if your sticker is pasted on the inside. On the outside, it is more prone to tampering such as scratches and dust. On the inside, the sticker is more protected from the elements and most likely sitting within an air-conditioned room, hence longer lifespan.

Ultimately, if you need any suggestions, you can always look for us at Lightning Prints. We are more than happy to recommend and share how best to put up stickers for your office glass door.