Exhibition Booth and Trade Show Booth Design 101

Our team of exhibition booth specialists will walk you through the steps of exhibiting for your trade show. Get ready to transform the 3 x 3 Shell Scheme Booth to bring out your brand story and captivate your prospective trade show visitors. Don't worry about the multitudes of booth layouts that could affect the printing and installation. Our team is well-versed in the various layouts available and will be able to guide you through.

What are the factors to think about for your booth?

So you have secured a booth at your next event, now what?

There is only one key factor to think about. That is, how to attract your prospects? There are hundreds of booths being setup all within close proximity of one another. How do you stand out from all the competition? Your closest competitors could be renting the booth just next to or across your booth. What is it that's going to attract the attention of the prospect? The answer is a well-designed booth. A design that is able to bring together the messages and elements you need to bring across to the customer. You can use a variety of print materials like pull up banners, counter booth, etc to maximize the space available and make it inviting for the prospect to step into your booth.

What are some of the key messages to bring out for the booth?

Having done many exhibition booth design, printing and installations, we have distilled a list of key messages that our customers use to bring in their clients. Here's a non-exhaustive list that you can consider and think about:

  1. Using endorsements - Celebrities that have endorsed your products, splash their faces on the foamboard backdrop or create a life-sized standee.
  2. Using games - Everyone loves a game of chance. Gamify your experience with a spin-the-wheel and offer some gifts to the winner. We assure you that everyone will be a winner!
  3. Create a flow within your booth for your customers to pass through - Don't show everything in plain sight. Your customers don't need to enter your booth to see what you do. Let them explore your products and services. Engage their senses, touch and feel your products, experience your services. This also allows your sales staff to engage them and share more about your company.


What do I do if I don't know how to install?

Fret not! We are a one-stop shop for design, printing and installation. We have a team of installers that will transform the booth into a beautiful display for your customers to explore. Leave the heavy lifting to us and we are confident that you will be happy with the result.