Enhance Your Exhibition Setup with Lightning Prints: Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Brand's Identity

At Lightning Prints, we are able to cater to the distinct requirements of our clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional results that captivate audiences with our impactful exhibition prints.

Recently, we worked with Ammerland Asia Pacific on their exhibition booths at Food Hotel Asia. As the Asia Pacific headquarters for Molkerei Ammerland, they are a leading German dairy company known for its second largest global cheese production site. Based in Singapore, Ammerland Asia Pacific offers a wide range of food products and is establishing itself as a strong dairy manufacturer on a global scale. 

Credits: Ammerland Asia Pacific

Custom Counter Booths: Professional, Reusable, and Easy to Set Up!

Lightning Prints offers a customized counter booth solution designed specifically for Ammerländer, one of the brands under Ammerland Asia Pacific. This tailor-made booth provides a professional and impressive display for exhibitions. With the convenience of velcro attachments, they are easily assembled and disassembled, making them reusable for future events.

Furthermore, the counter booth not only enhances brand visibility but also helps create a polished and professional image for Ammerländer. Its portability and tool-free assembly ensure hassle-free transportation and setup, allowing for a seamless and successful exhibition experience.

Exhibition Counter Booth 

Unleash Your Brand’s Power with Large Format Stickers

Ammerland Asia Pacific also represents Frischli in Southeast Asia. To showcase the seamless integration of their brands, Ammerländer and Frischli, we installed eye-catching wall stickers and transformed their space into a captivating brand showcase. They can also achieve flawless functionality as our precision-cut stickers still ensure that their cabinets are fully-functional yet hidden. Additionally, our stickers are high quality, leaving no residue or damage upon removal.


Creating Visual Harmony: Precise Placement and Customized Solutions for Fridge and Wall Stickers

Our customized fridge stickers are also meticulously measured for precise placement and alignment with the wall stickers. This is to ensure that Ammerländer and Frischli are perfectly represented, creating a cohesive visual experience throughout their exhibition space.

Moreover, we offer a customized solution for the backlit sticker positioned above the fridge's door, strategically capturing customers' attention as they access samples from the fridge, reinforcing brand awareness.

Fridge Stickers and Backlit Stickers

Choose Lightning Prints for Your Exhibition Needs!

We understand that in the dynamic world of exhibitions and promotional events, creating a cohesive and visually striking brand presence is key to capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Our ability to understand and meet unique printing needs sets us apart, ensuring client satisfaction. From concept to execution, we'll bring your vision to life, ensuring your exhibition space shines like never before. Partner with us and make a lasting impact at your next exhibition!