Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Wedding Party Ideas

Attended a wedding recently? Count yourself lucky! Based on current Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore, weddings currently can take up to 250 fully vaccinated pax. Coupled with travel only slowly picking up, you might not be able to have your full entourage of “brothers” or “sisters” making it to your wedding.

Couples now have to improvise or react to changes quickly to be compliant with government regulations and ensure they can have their dream weddings. More couples are choosing to opt for life sized standees to enable their friends to “join” the wedding. This standee can be customized to the exact height of your friend so you can feel his or her actual presence!

Use it to greet or say goodbye to your guests and thank them for coming. These trending wedding decoration props for the bridal party promises a lot of fun, laughter, and makes sure that your friend’s presence is felt throughout.

Worried about the contact during a wedding event? Keep it contactless by having a photo taking corner with life sized cutouts of the wedding couple! Guests can help themselves to “take photos” with the wedded couple and minimize contact at the same time.

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