SME Spotlight: The Wellness Quo

Feeling tired and burnt out from life? Look no further than holistic wellness marketplace, The Wellness Quo. This meaningful establishment was founded by Carla and Janney, who turned their love for holistic wellness into a bustling, multi-faceted career. 

Aimed with a vision to build a culture of wellness and self-care habits, they created an online platform where health practitioners and programs are both accessible and actionable to individuals. By empowering individuals with holistic wellbeing, they hope to help people lead more healthy and fulfilling lives!

When the time came to order stickers for the new launch of their Wellness Care Package, they turned to Lightning Prints to print custom stickers that perfectly capture their brand value.

In today's customer feature, we will finally shine the spotlight on The Wellness Quo. They will be sharing about their brand, their inspiration and experience with us!

The Wellness Quo by Carla & Janney: @thewellnessquo

Let’s dive straight into it: Could you tell us a bit about yourself company and what your company does?

The Wellness Quo is a Holistic Wellness booking directory where people can connect with licensed Therapists & Practitioners on 1 on 1 therapy sessions, ebooks, courses and retreats! We're a proud Singapore based company but we have Practitioners from 7 countries and customers all over the world!

How did you start your business or what was inspiration?

Janney and I (Carla) are from two completely different parts of the world - Singapore & Croatia - and we met years ago on student exchange in South America! We quickly bonded over topics of wellbeing, holistic health and therapy (all somewhat taboo at the time). We realized the “self-care” of candles and bubble baths wasn’t working and people craved profound, lasting change in their lives!

How did you use the products you've purchased from us in your business?

Product Label Stickers for our new Wellness Care Packages!


How was your experience like with Lightning Prints? Would be great if you could share the aspects that help you achieve your business goals more easily!

Your website is very easy to use and super straightforward! And customer services team were quick to reply and always ready to help! We were really pleased.

Would you recommend our products and services to others?

Highly recommend!

Thank you for participating in our series The Wellness Quo!

This concludes our interview with The Wellness Quo. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Do check out their holistic wellness website if you are interest to work on your health and wellbeing! You can find them on Instagram: @thewellnessquo or Facebook: @thewellnessquo

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