SME Spotlight: The Crunch Singapore

This week is an exciting week on the Lightning Prints blog. For some time now, our blog series has always been focused on our product features and print guides. We are happy to announce yet another series of articles- "SME Spotlight" in which we will put the spotlight on our very own customers (that could be you!).

“Why?”, you might ask. Because without our customers, we wouldn’t be very successful. In addition, our customers are very insightful, helping us to constantly improve our website as well as our product offerings. We love to hear all of the wonderful ways you customers are using Lightning Prints' products to meet the needs of your business! By doing this, we hope to support local businesses with their branding/promotional needs, not just through prints but through compelling storytelling and testimonials!

Lets get started with our first SME!

The Crunch:

Run by young culinary student Vivian Lee, online bake shop The Crunch, has started to made a name for themselves with their popular Cornflake Cookies ─ thin, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth crisps that come in two flavours: Chocolate & Cranberry! Apart from her passion for all things sweet, Vivian was motivated to establish her cookie business owing to her Mentor's tutorage at her previous internship. Armed with experience, she decided to embark on a journey of turning her love for baking into a successful online business!

For this article, we had the opportunity to interview the creative behind The Crunch, Vivian, who shares her brand story, her inspiration and her experience with Lightning Prints!

Let’s dive straight into it: Could you tell us a bit about yourself company and what your company does?

Hi there, my name is Vivian!  I am a Year 3 Culinary student from Temasek Polytechnic who is graduating in a few weeks. I wanted to find a sustainable job that was co-related to kitchen but not in a restaurant or hotel. Therefore, I thought this would be a good opportunity before going to university to start my own brand. My company is called The Crunch which signifies the small bite size cookies that we offer which is super crunchy and addictive!

How did you start your business or what was inspiration?

I actually started my business right after I completed my 6 months internship at "The Burning Oak" which is a very popular hawker center at The Bedok Marketplace. My senior was very nice to have hired me as I lost the chance to attend my overseas internship due to Covid'19. Although I worked in many prestigious restaurants and hotels, I thought the chef life was not for me but I still do wanted to stay within industry. Therefore, I started my own cookie business as I always loved sweet treats and baking but never really looked into it. I guess you can say my seniors determination and brand made me want to start my own.

How did you use the products you've purchased from us in your business?

Product Packaging for my cookie containers!

How was your experience like with Lightning Prints? Would be great if you could share the aspects that help you achieve your business goals more easily!

I definitely would start getting stickers from you guys from now on as it is low in price and has good quality. Lightning Prints also has amazing customer service and has amazingly packaged my brand with their stickers.

Would you recommend our products and services to others?

Highly recommend!

Thank you for participating in our series Vivian!

This concludes our interview with Vivian from The Crunch. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Do check out the her popular Cornflake Cookies if you're looking to buy goodies for someone's birthday, as a gift for a sweet treat lover or just about any upcoming occasion! You can find her on Instagram:! Check us out at Lightning Prints too for your marketing and business needs! Stay posted for more customer spotlights, and contact us if you would like us to share your story too!