SME Spotlight: By Krystal

For this week’s customer feature, we’d like you to meet Krystal Chung. She got her start in graphic design while she was studying in university, by creating custom prints, portraits and artwork sketches for her friends. Her love for illustration sprung from her interest in creating unique line art drawings that are complex yet achieved with simple, minimalistic lines. Prints of Krystal's works can be purchased via her Instagram Shop!

We've been fascinated with Krystal’s creative work since we found her illustrations on Instagram. Today, we finally have had the pleasure of speaking with her to find out more about her brand story, inspiration and experience with us! by Krystal: @amatuer.k


Let’s dive straight into it: Could you tell us a bit about yourself company and what your company does?

Hi there, my name is Krystal Chung! I am a line art enthusiast who create prints and custom drawings for my clients! (Check out my 2020 Mother's Day posts).


How did you start your business or what was inspiration?

It started when I was feeling very stressed from mid-terms during the course of my university. I needed a break so I turned to drawing. I fell in love with lines and how they could tell different stories and came to realise that not one line is the same. Even if you draw the same thing twice, your result may vary and there is a beauty in that!

How did you use the products you've purchased from us in your business?

Product Label Stickers for the prints I am selling!

How was your experience like with Lightning Prints? Would be great if you could share the aspects that help you achieve your business goals more easily!

I had a really good experience, it was fast and convenient. I looked them up on Carousell and contacted them through Whatsapp, they were very responsive and answered to my queries and even gave me recommendations on the type of print sizes I should go with, making me feel confident in going ahead with the transaction. I had an overall pleasant experience with Lightning Prints.


Would you recommend our products and services to others?

Highly recommend!

Thank you for participating in our series Krystal!

This concludes our interview with Krystal! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Do check out the her popular illustrations if you're looking to buy custom prints for someone's birthday, to send as a postcard or just for aesthetic purposes! You can find her on Instagram: @amatuer.k! Check us out at Lightning Prints too for your marketing and business needs! Stay posted for more customer spotlights, and contact us if you would like us to share your story too! 

One of the most exciting activities we perform as an online print vendor who provides a wide array of print products, is when we take the opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers about their company and how they use our products to promote their businesses. It’s always a fun and interesting endeavor, as we not only uncover the many unique ways in which our printed materials are being used in business!