SME Spotlight: Amal Brownies

If you’re looking sink your teeth into a decadent delight, look no further than Amal Brownies! We first came across this drool-worthy Instagram account when they turned to Lightning Prints to order custom stickers. We loved how the final products turned out – high-quality glossy stickers perfectly captured the fun, polished feel of their brand!

In today's customer feature, we will finally shine the spotlight on Amal Brownies. They will be sharing about their brand, their inspiration and experience with us!

Amal Brownies by Amal/Ahmad Akram: @amalbrownies

Let’s dive straight into it: Could you tell us a bit about yourself company and what your company does?

Hi there, I am a home-based baker!  We are a halal online bake shop which specialise in rich, fudgy brownies that satisfy on a whole other level.  Indulge in a box filled with amazing flavours like our Nutella Ganache, Classic Fudge, Nutella Ganache with M&Ms and Speculoos. You can get your brownies today at our Instagram Shop or via Facebook: @FudgiestBrownies

How did you start your business or what was inspiration?

I learned my way around the kitchen after watching my cousin who had picked up baking. Over time, I  slowly honed my culinary/baking skills and experimented with new brownie flavours for celebrations. Eventually, Amal Brownies turned into a business by the end of 2020!

How did you use the products you've purchased from us in your business?

Product Label Stickers for the boxed brownies!


How was your experience like with Lightning Prints? Would be great if you could share the aspects that help you achieve your business goals more easily!

Very satisfied with the quality. I was initially worried about the outcome of the logo after printing. But, it was exactly the same colour output and the quality was at its best.

Would you recommend our products and services to others?

Highly recommend!

Thank you for participating in our series Amal Brownies!

This concludes our interview with Amal Brownies. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Do check out their highly-raved brownies that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, gifting or basically any occasion! You can find them on Instagram: @amalbrownies or Facebook: @FudgiestBrownies

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One of the most exciting activities we perform as an online print vendor who provides a wide array of print products, is when we take the opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers about their company and how they use our products to promote their businesses. It’s always a fun and interesting endeavor, as we not only uncover the many unique ways in which our printed materials are being used in business!