Customer Spotlight: The Teh Company

Craft Driven. Quality Centric. Delivering Worldwide. This is none other than Singapore's very own The Teh Company offering you only the highest quality tea leaves. In this new week of Customer Spotlight, we have The Teh Company to share with us their brand story and experience working with us!
The Teh Company


Ensuring consistent, smooth flavours with no astringency, The Teh Company, promises you #perfectineverybrew. They strive to bring you the highest quality tea leaves at the most affordable of prices as they believe you deserve the best tea experience every time and any time :-)


Now, let's get right into the highlight of the day! 


Can you tell me more about your company and what it does?

The Teh Company is a boutique tea firm with an exclusive focus in curating tea leaves from award-winning tea farms across Asia. Craft and quality driven, we invest in only the best of tea leaves in order to deliver unique and memorable drinking experiences through our tea products, appreciation workshops and mobile tea bar services.


How did you start your business and what was the inspiration behind it?

We were inspired by the rich craftsmanship, history and culture of our tea farmers in the region and would like to share their work with Singaporeans.


How did you use our products and how was your experience like?


Working with Lightning Prints have been hassle free and time efficient. Lightning Prints have delivered amazing quality prints for our tin labels at highly competitive prices. Great job!


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Thank you The Teh Company for your kind words and time! Be sure to check them out when you're interested in buying tea leaves. 

And that's it, folks! This is the end of our customer spotlight week. We hope you have enjoyed the spotlight feature as we much as we did. Do check out their Website and Instagram for more!

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