Customer Spotlight: Making Lifestyle Solutions

Making Lifestyle Solutions, a one-stop-shop for Homecare Products & Personal Care Products truly lives up to its name; Petcare, Perfume, Baby product-related name it, they got it!

In this new and exciting week of customer spotlight, we have got Making Lifestyle Solutions on board to share with us their business and experience working with us. With a mission to offer the best, they will definitely satisfy your desire and needs all at once! Be sure to look out for them.

Now, let's get right into the thick of it :-)

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Can you tell me more about your company and what it does?

We aim to revolutionize formulations and make Homecare and Personal products that use newer/more innovative and greener ingredients that everyone will love!

How did you start your business and what was the inspiration behind it?

We are a partner-duo. One of us is a chemist, and the other is a chemical engineer. We both have a common intention which is to make greener and more effective products for a more self-sustainable Singapore.

How did you use our products and how was your experience like?

Product Label Stickers


We have been using Print For Fun's labels because of the clear prints and fast turnaround time. Communication is always prompt and on point each time. Have been printing more and more labels with them and they are a great one-stop solution for all my printing needs!


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Thank you Making Lifestyle Solutions for your kind words and time! Be sure to check them out when you're interested in buying care products.

And that's it, folks! We have to the end of our customer spotlight week. We hope you enjoyed the spotlight feature as we much as we do. Do check out their Website, Instagram and Facebook for more!

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