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 Our Foam Board Posters are printed on 5mm thick Kapaline board, are a cheap and versatile choice for signage, storefront, event displays, and weddings, making it the perfect low cost print option for all occasions and events.

Enjoy our high quality and high colour accuracy to meet your branding needs. We recommend lamination of all prints for added protection against UV-decolourization and scratches. 

Product options:

  • Sizes: A4 to A0 (For other sizes, click here for a Lightning Quote and checkout directly)
  • Foam Board Prints are printed on 5mm thick foam board (foam core or Kapaline) 
  • Used for home and office display
  • Die-cut or custom-sized prints (upon request)
  • For Quantity >= 20, email us for a special rate

Or, arrange a quick 5 minute chat with Sam here to get a quote for customization requests.




841mm X 1189mm



594mm X 841mm



420mm X 594mm



297mm X 420mm



210mm X 297mm


Looking for other sizes? Click here for a quote


Time Required 

  • 3 working days
  • If you need to expedite your order, contact us at 88742567

Same Day Foam Board Printing 

+70% of total 

Next Day Foam Board Printing 

+50% of total 



  • File: PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, AI Format
  • Colour Mode: CMYK
  • DPI: 300
  • Text must be outlined
  • Images must be embedded

What is a Foam Board Print?

Foam Board Prints are very versatile display products. You can hang them off a wall to decorate your shop house or retail front. It's a popular display item at exhibitions, retail malls and event booths, where it is easily displayed on an easel stand, clip pole stand or affixed to a wall using velcro strips. If you are looking to maintain your foam board print for longer, or use it as a decorative display, we also offer Frame Capping which makes the foam board look sleek and prevents the sides from being damaged.   


What can a Foam Board Print be used for?

A popular and creative use of Foam Board Print is for an Instagram foam board frame, in which the cutout resembles an Instagram post, often used for social media marketing. Feel free to approach us for this as we have the designs readily available, making it a hassle-free process for you.

If you would like to hang your Foam Board Print, we offer hole punching services to make hanging easier for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What frame options do you offer?

    We have 2 colour options, black and white. You can select the frame colour based on the wall colour or the colour of your picture.

  2. Am I able to write on the Foam Board?

    Yes, we recommend using a permanent marker when writing.
  1. Do you offer Foam Board printing in custom shapes?

    Yes, we do. Drop us a call or email to find out more.
  1. Can the Foam Board Prints be used outdoors?

    Yes. Our lamination provides an added layer of protection for the foam board prints, making it waterproof, tearproof and protected against UV-decolourization.
  1. Can Foam Boards be affixed to walls?

    Yes, you can. You can hang them off a wall or even stick it onto a wall.
  1. What is the weight of your Foam Boards?

    A4 = 50g, A3 = 105g, A2 = 210g, A1 = 420g, A0 = 840g
  1. Can I print photos on Foam Boards?

    Yes definitely, we have worked with photographers to print photos on foam board and have printed for many happy wedding couples for their special occasion. Photographers trust us because our printer uses 10 inks, best in class in the industry, and we are confident of representing skin colours on our printouts very well.