Guide To The Different Retail Display Options

Looking for something to display at your shop, event, etc. but can’t find the right display? With so many display options, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and unsure which would be the right one. With today’s blog post, we will help you find the perfect display options that suit your needs.

Pull-up Banner

Pull-Up Banner 

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Pull up banner is a great promotional way to catch your customers’ attention. If you are always travelling for roadshow events, exhibitions, etc. a pull-up banner will be great for you. The pull-up banner is a great is designed to roll away in an aluminium base that also serves as a stand. Also, it comes with a carry case which makes it easier and convenient for you. Here are some advantages to the Pull-up Banner:

  • Portable from one location to another
  • Lightweight - they weigh less than 5kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Comes in various of sizes

    Foam Board Posters

    Foam Board Poster

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     Foam Board Poster

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    Clip on Poster

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    Similar to the Pull-Up Banner, a Foam Board Posters is a great way to attract your customers’ attention at a relatively inexpensive cost. The best thing about Foam Board Posters is its various ways of displaying them. Mount it on the walls of your store or display it on a poster clip stand, it is an eye-catching way to promote. Plus, the foam board can be printed either single or double sided - though it is best to go for double sided. For business owners with high foot traffic coming from any direction of your store, it is best to have both so as to catch as much attention from the customers. Here is a list of the benefits to foam board posters:

    • Lightweight
    • Easy to print & cut
    • Variety way to display it. 
    • Waterproof & Laminated
    • Cost-effective

    A-Frame Sidewalk Signboard

    A-Frame Signboard

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    A-frame Signboard

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    These signboards are commonly seen especially at ground floor shops, especially cafes. It is a foldable signboard that is portable and convenient for you to keep or transport it around - though it does not have a carry case like the Pull-Up Banner. It is an effective way to attract attention from your customers especially with areas that have heavy foot traffic. Businesses can display promotions, daily meal attention, etc. Here is a breakdown to the advantages of using an A-Frame Sidewalk Signboard

    • Convenience
    • A variety of designs - you can change up the designs with a new poster or draw up another design using markers (this will depend on the type of A-Frame Sidewalk Signboard you are getting)
    • Inexpensive
    • Great for outdoor display with Poster A-Frame Sidewalk Signboard only

    Some drawbacks to using the A-Frame Sidewalk Signboard:

    • Some A-Frame Sidewalk signboard will have to be move indoors when raining such as A-Frame Blackboard Signboard.

    And that’s it! We hope this blog has helped you better understand the different signboards, its pros and cons and which one to use for your event or business. 

    ‘Till next time, Cheers!

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